How to overcome marriage boredom?

Marriage boredom is the match that can light the fire which ends in divorce. Spouses can begin to contemplate such acts as infidelity if not checked at the relationship door. One of the major signs of marriage boredom is the lack of non-sexual intimacy. Non-sexual intimacy can lead to a sexless marriage. People who are involved in a sex-less marriage are more likely to consider divorce and are more likely to exist in an unhappy marriage. Non-sexual intimacy is a significant contributor to long-term marital bliss. Men can successfully eliminate marriage boredom by implementing the 10 Day Luveuphoria Challenges as a stepping stone. 

The 10 Day Luveuphoria Challenge helps husbands and wives to develop a marriage non-sexual contact plan. Non-sexual contact helps couples to develop and maintain positive interactions. Positive interactions will help to eliminate marriage boredom.

One of the most important things to keep the marriage going is to increase the frequency of non-sexual intimacy in your marriage. Adding non-sexual intimacy is a good way of maintaining a healthy marriage. Regular non-sexual intimacy can make you both more receptive to sensual experiences and it will make it easier to transition into more frequent sexual encounters which  can eliminate marriage boredom.

An non-sexual touch such as a friendly slap on the back, a sensual caress, or a loving kiss has a powerful impact on the emotions. This is true because your skin contains receptors that directly elicit emotional responses, through stimulation of erogenous zones or nerve endings. The emotional impact of non-sexual contact is ingrained in our bodies.

Another factor that contributes to the benefits of non-sexual contact is oxytocin which helps to eliminate marriage boredom. Non-sexual contact can induce oxytocin release among humans. Oxytocin is a hormone that reduces stress related responses and is an important ingredient for any successful marriage. 

The oxytocin receptor, also known as OXTR, is a protein which functions as receptor for the hormone and neurotransmitter oxytocin. In humans, the oxytocin receptor is encoded by the OXTR gene which has been localized to human chromosome 3p25. Oxytocin receptors are present in the central nervous system. These receptors modulate a variety of behaviors, including stress and anxiety, social memory and recognition, sexual and aggressive behaviors, bonding (affiliation) and maternal behavior.

The 10 Day Luveuphoria process was founded off the principles associated with the Luveuphoria Phenomenon. The Luveuphoria Phenomenon has roots in Newton’s Law of Cooling. Newton’s Law of Cooling states that the rate of change of the temperature of an object is proportional to the difference between its own temperature and the ambient temperature (i.e. the temperature of its surroundings).

The Luveuphoria Phenomenon is consistent with Newton’s Law of Cooling. It states that the rate of affection in a marriage is proportional to the number of non-sexual intimacy encounters and the number of days that a person is in the presence of their spouse.

The official rules for the 10 Day Luveuphoria Challenge include:

  1. For ten days the husband will use the Luveuphoria Formula to pre-plan the non-sexual contacts with his wife. The goal is to stay within the extremely hot range. Instructions on how to use the Luveuphoria Formula are available below. The husband can choose to use the convenience of our Luveuphoria Formula App which is available on the Apple Store or on the Google Play Store.  He can also use the Luveuphoria Kit.
  2. Each day the husband will post a brief Facebook video about their experience. They will include the following has tag – #10DayLuveuphoria – so that other husbands can benefit from their testimonial. The husband will also nominate two other husbands to take on the challenge.

This activity is fun for both the husband and wife. Check out this video of how to eliminate marriage boredom by using the Luveuphoria formula.



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