About Us

Advanced Marriage Training is a ministry held by Dr. Derrick and Mrs. Campbell. We believe that this increasing rate of divorces per year is because of the lack of marriage trainings. Couples do not know how to adjust with each other thus they end up fighting and getting separated. Our Advanced Marriage Training will also help you find perfect spouse for you.

We arrange proper conferences under the name of “Advanced Marriage Training for Couples” and “Advanced Marriage Training for Singles” that are conducted by Dr. Campbell along with his wife Sheila. Important married life lessons like defensive routines, shared vision, commitment evaluation, conflict reduction, Servant Centered Marriage and other such topics are preached by the experts.

Our site has this special section of “Broadcast” in which all the videos of the important topics discussed by Dr. Derrick and Mrs. Campbell and present. In case you miss or forget any portion of the conference you can catch them in this section.

We also provide tips for couples and tips for singles as well in our different sections. Various questions are mentioned and discussed under these sections. Important scenarios like “How can couples stay in love forever?” , “How should husband handle a smart wife?”, “When should a spouse withhold sex?” & “How to avoid financial problems before marriage?”, “How singles can eliminate the risk of divorce?”, “How to keep peace during wedding planning?”, “ What is the only reason that men and women should choose to stay single?” are discussed under these sections respectively.

Moreover, we provide free e-books, testimonials, and press releases as well so that people all around the world facing problems in their matrimonial lives or people who are scared to start their matrimonial life just because they are scared of the future problems that they will have to face or something feel free to contact us and get our training and practice our preaches in order to live a prosperous matrimonial life.

We also have our products and merchandise that you can buy in order to get some information regarding the love life. You can order books written by famous love experts including Dr. Derrick. His books “Advance Marriage Training for Singles”, “Leading Your Marriage into the Promised Land”, “Workbook for Husbands”, “Workbook for Wives” and Husband Leadership Principles, are also available in the shopping section. You can buy the suitable book or can but the whole set as well in cheaper rates.

I was especially impressed by the comments I received from members, who themselves are professional presenter, on how well organized and informative you were. The impact you had on the attendees will last long beyond the event as the implement what they have learned. I would highly recommend you to any church or organization desiring to provide their people with timely marital wisdom and practical application skills.

Dr. James E. Woods II – El Shaddie Christian Center – Philadelphia, PA.

Here are just some of the comments from some of those who attended. (1) “Bishop, I am so glad that you asked my wife and me to come. We sort of just keep looking at each other. It was if he was in our bedroom and heard our issues. He gave us a lot to think about and work on. (2) Another young man who is presently separated from his wife commented: “We need this, if I had attended something like this maybe my wife and I would still be together.” (3) The youngest husband in the group commented, ” Every married person in the church need to be here to hear this.” (4) Another wife commented, “They were down to earth, they kept it real.”

Bishop Joseph P. Ravenell – Samaritan Baptist Church – Trenton, NJ

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