10 Day Luveuphoria Challenge

Welcome to the ’10 Day Luveuphoria Challenge’. This challenge is for men who want  to take a leadership role in growing their marriage by showing their undying love for their wife and making positive changes in just 10 days.

Why the 10 Day Luveuphoria Challenge?

One of the greatest challenges in a marriage is to ensure that the wife always feels needed and wanted. Their are many things that a husband can attempt to do, but in most cases it can become costly. However, maintaining non-sexual contact is not only cost effective but it will also make your wife feel needed and wanted.

In developing and maintaining a positive relationship, there is a need for more positive interactions than negative interactions. Husbands can exhibit positive interactions through non-sexual contact. Non-sexual contact has a powerful positive  impact on the emotions and will reduce stress. An additional benefit is that regular non-sexual intimacy can make the husband and wife more receptive to sensual experiences and it will make it easier to transition into more frequent sexual encounters.

Here are the official 10 Day Luveuphoria Challenges  rules

  1. For ten days the husband will use the Luveuphoria Formula to pre-plan the non-sexual contacts with his wife. The goal is to stay within the extremely hot range. Instructions on how to use the Luveuphoria Formula are available below. The husband can choose to use the convenience of our Luveuphoria Formula App which is available on the Apple Store or on the Google Play Store.  He can also use the Luveuphoria Kit.
  2. Each day the husband will post a brief Facebook video about their experience. They will include the following has tag – #10DayLuveuphoria – so that other husbands can benefit from their testimonial. The husband will also nominate two other husbands to take on the challenge.

For your video testimonial here are a few tips. An effective testimonial is audible and brief. The four essential parts to an effective testimonial include: (1) the beginning, (2) a sequence of events, (3) a Climax, and (4) a conclusion. In order to effectively organize your testimonial please consider the following. For the beginning include what your marriage was like before the 10 Day Luveuphoria Challenge. For the sequence of events please include some of the non-sexual contacts that you used. For the climax include some of the responses that your wife had. For the conclusion include the positive impact that the 10 Day Luveuphoria Challenge had on your marriage.

Most importantly for the husband is to have fun during the 10 Day Luveuphoria Challenge and watch your marriage blossom.

Below you will find an instructional video on how to use the Luveuphoria Formula for the 10 Day Luveuphoria Challenge.




10 Day Luveuphoria Challenge