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Welcome to Advanced Marriage Training Counseling Service! We are a faith-based marriage counseling institute whose mission is to provide counseling services based on the original design of marriage.

The primary reason that marriages continue to struggle is because they do not replicate God’s original design for marriage. The original design of marriage is found in Genesis 2:15 – 18. In this design, God has provided the husband with his purpose, path, and position. Within this structure, He provides the primary duties for the wife that support the husband’s purpose, path, and position. Without these three primary components, marriages will continue to suffer resulting in an astonishing divorce rate.

As a matter of fact, we know that marriages continue to struggle due to the high divorce. Studies reveal that the divorce rate for Christians is around 50%. This is an astonishing rate of disappointment for those who embrace Christian beliefs as well as a disappointment for God.

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