The Luveuphoria Formula App

Facing difficulty in your married life? Or Wondering how to help your marriage survive? Your solution to each and every problem is here. The Luveuphoria Formula has been proved to sustain healthy marriages, which can help prevent divorces.

Why the Luveuphoria Formula?

The greatest challenge in a marriage is to keep the fire burning between the two partners. The work that goes into a keeping the fire burning in your marriage is constant and upkeep is necessary. It takes the investment of your time, your energy, your ideas, your creativity, and your love.

One of the most important things to keep the marriage going is to increase the frequency of non-sexual intimacy in your marriage. Adding non-sexual intimacy is a good way of maintaining a healthy marriage. Regular non-sexual intimacy can make you both more receptive to sensual experiences and it will make it easier to transition into more frequent sexual encounters.

You can use the Luveuphoria Formula to monitor the frequency of non-sexual intimacy in your marriage. Adding non-sexual intimacy to your marriage is a low-pressure way of maintaining a healthy marriage. We have placed the Luveuphoria Formula in an app to make it convenient to use. 


  • Our Luveuphoria App is a measly $2.99 for a one a year subscription
  • Clean and awesome design that will give you an amazing experience.
  • Luveuphoria App is very easy to use, so you don’t have to watch any tutorial or any guide to be able to use it properly.
  • Luveuphoria Phenomenon : The Advanced Marriage Trainers, leaders in promoting healthy marriages have unveiled that Luveuphoria Phenomenon can to help eliminate one of the major causes of divorce.
  • Luveuphoria Scale : It has a Luveuphoria Scale, which helps you to calculate the Luveuphoria value, which can have different meanings
  • Luveuphoria Formula : Formula which helps to calculate the factor of Luveuphoria in your married life.
  • Luveuphoria Theorem :  Luveuphoria theorem basically derives from its formula, which helps you calculate the  intimacy between the partners.
  • This app will help you in three different areas :
  • The factor of Luveuphoria in your married life
  • Help sustain happy married life
  • And the most important, eliminate the major reason for divorce

Does Luveuphoria really work?

Yes, The Luveuphoria Phenomenon is consistent with Newton’s Law of Cooling. It states that the rate of affection in a marriage is proportional to the number of non-sexual intimacy encounters and the number of days that a person is in the presence of their spouse.

Reasons of an unhealthy marriage?

One of the major reason of an unhealthy marriage is lack of non-sexual intimacy which can lead to a boring lifestyle. People who are involved in a sex-less marriage are more likely to consider divorce and more likely to exist in an unhealthy marriage. Non-sexual intimacy is a significant contributor to long term marital bliss. Hence, regular non-sexual intimacy can make both the partners more receptive to sensual experiences.

Couples are constantly trying to keep the heat going in their marriage life. Certain people may assume that they have made progress, but how would they really know their progress?

No reason to wait, Right? Download the app right now, and monitor the frequency of non-sexual intimacy in your marriage.

This app is constantly under improvement, as well as with regards to features. We would like to hear more feedback, as well as what you think Luveuphoria is, and how it can/could help you. Do write to us.

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