How can couples spice up their marriage?

In a recent article, an author proposes several strategies that couples can use to spice up their marriage. The strategies encompass ideas that are will bring the couple together briefly. Couples can spice up their marriage by appreciating the gifts that they use as a team to serve God.

According to the article, there are five different ways that couples can spice up their marriage:

Couples who decide to replicate God’s original design for marriage will never have to be overly concerned about spicing up their marriage.

Pricilla and Aquilla are prime example of a couple who has no record for the need to spice up their marriage. They did not need to spice up their marriage because they served God as a team which is the original design for marriage.

Pricilla and Aquilla was a Spirit-filled couple with a powerful ministry for God. Paul mentioned to the church in Rome that Aquilla and Priscilla put their necks on the line for the Apostle Paul (Rom. 16:4). Aquilla and Priscilla were expelled from Rome by a decree during the days of Emperor Claudius (Acts 18:2). They decided to relocate to the Roman colony of Corinth and practiced their trade of tent making in that cosmopolitan and Latin speaking city.

In AD 52, Paul arrived in Corinth to begin his evangelistic endeavors. The Apostle Paul was attracted to this couple, not only because of their common faith in the Lord Jesus, but also because of their common occupation (Acts 18:3). Both were involved in this trade which indicates that this was a family business.

After 18 months of ministering in Corinth, Paul decided to move his base of operation to Ephesus. He took Aquilla and Priscilla to Ephesus (Acts 18:18, 19). Paul left them there in order to establish the work in the city. He also promised that he would return to Ephesus after his visit to Jerusalem.

In Ephesus, Aquilla and Priscilla, established a church that met in their house (1 Cor. 16:19). This provided them the opportunity to show hospitality to sinners and saints. One day, while attending the synagogue in Ephesus, they heard Apollos, a Jewish preacher from Alexandria (Egypt) who was eloquent and mighty in the Scriptures, but he only knew of the baptism of John (Acts 18:24-25). After the meeting, they took him aside, apparently to their home, and explained to him the finer points of the Word of God and his salvation (Acts 18:26).

When returned to Ephesus during his third missionary journey, he ministered in the city for nearly three years (Acts 20:31). Paul did not want to be a burden on the church in Ephesus, so he stayed and worked with Aquilla and Priscilla (Acts 20:34).

Paul sent them on their way with his blessings because they would be preparing the church in Rome for his visit. Paul instructs the church at Rome to greet Priscilla and Aquilla on his behalf, he describes them as his “fellow workers in Christ Jesus, who risked their own necks for my life, to whom not only I give thanks, but also, all the churches of the Gentiles” (16:3-4).

We learn that Aquilla and Priscilla continued to spice up their marriage by serving God first.

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