Why the secret to a happy marriage is not finances?

In a recent article, author Hal Bundrick implies that the secret to a happy marriage is finances. He actually focuses his attention of the credit history of each person as a guide for marital bliss. It is not finances or past credit history that makes a happy marriage, it is each persons commitment to God that will ensure a happy marriage.

According to the article, “Some studies suggest that financial stress is the top cause of marriages collapsing,” says Bruce Provda, a New York-based divorce and family law attorney for some 40 years. “When credit scores are more or less similar and neither party enters the marriage with a burdensome debt load, the couple is more free to focus on building the relationship.” Provda is right, at least according to a survey released earlier this month by SunTrust bank. Of those surveyed who admitted stress in their relationship, finances were the #1 cause, noted by 35% of respondents overall. And it’s not an issue that necessarily gets easier with time. Of those aged 45 to 54, money issues were ranked the top cause of marital stress by 44% of those surveyed. And Provda claims the catalyst can be a matter as mundane as a FICO score.

What makes people have a happy marriage is commitment. A commitment is a willingness to give your time and energy to something that you believe in, or a promise or firm decision to do something.

There is no guarantee in marriage, however a marriage will last if the man and woman stay committed to each other. As simple as it sounds, this is one of most basic, foundational principles of marriages that last. They are committed to stay with each other. So they commit to work out their problems. They commit to seek the best for the other. They commit to grow in love. They commit to the principles that will strengthen your marriage. They commit to keep Jesus Christ at the center of your marriage too.

The process for a happy marriage begins with that man and woman committing to Jesus Christ.

If we use God’s original design for marriage, we can ascertain what both the man and woman need to be committed to that model to ensure a happy marriage.

God placed Adam in the Garden of Eden “… to dress it and to keep it” (Genesis 2:15). Dressing and keeping the Garden of Eden was Adams original purpose. The word ‘dress’ in the Hebrew is ‘abad, which means to work as a servant. The word ‘keep’ in the Hebrew is shamar, which means to protect. God placed Adam in the Garden of Eden to work as a servant in the garden and to protect the garden. Protecting the garden required that Adam become the steward of the Garden of Eden.

God granted Adam stewardship over the Garden of Eden. Stewardship requires a relationship between the master and the one that the master entrusts with the resources. In this case, God is the master and He entrusted the Garden of Eden to Adam.

God provided Adam with the path that he was to follow (Genesis 2:16 – 17). God instructed Adam on what he could and could not do. At that point and time, Adam maintained his relationship with God by obeying his commands.

God decided to provide Adam with a helper. Genesis 2:18 records …”The Lord God said , It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet”. That word ‘meet’ in the Hebrew is ‘ezer. Ezer means to help. Eve’s primary responsibility was to help Adam who was to work as a servant and to protect the Garden of Eden. The original purpose for the union between Adam and Eve was to work together as a team to serve and protect the Garden of Eden. Hence, the original purpose for the marriage between a man and a woman is to serve and protect the resources that God gives to the husband and wife through teamwork.

The only way that people can expect to have a happy marriage is to maintain a commitment to God’s original design for marriage.

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