Will Michelle Obama marriage advice fuel marriage discord?

In a recent article, Michelle Obama has encouraged girls to educationally supersede boys which could result in continuing to fuel marriage discord. According to Dante Alighieri, “The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in times of great moral crisis, maintain their neutrality.” Michelle Obama could help the present state of a government sanctioned model of dysfunctional marriages by offering marriage advice that is consistent with the original design for marriage (Ordermige).

Michelle Obama continues to travel several countries to promote “Let Girls Learn,” which is sanctioned by several government agencies and departments. According to the article, Michelle Obama’s advice to girls in school: ‘Compete with the boys. Beat the boys.’, first lady Michelle Obama stated to an audience of approximately 1000 people that girls should “Compete with the boys. Beat the boys.” Michelle Obama went on to say, “I know being a teenager is hard, but it’s temporary and not a template for the rest of life. Half these people, you’re not going to know when you’re 60. There is no boy, at this age, that is cute enough or interesting enough to stop you from getting your education. If I had worried about who liked me and who thought I was cute when I was your age, I wouldn’t be married to the president of the United States.”

The advice that Michelle Obama has provided is consistent with the same beliefs that were sounded by her husband the president. She has essentially stated that girls who eventually will become women should strive to be far above men in education which should lead them to become far above men in stature. This advice is just as troubling as the advice that her husband provided regarding same-sex marriages.

What advice should Michelle Obama provide for girls in addition to seeking their education?

Michelle Obama should provide girls’ advice that would position girls to submit to men and become the team player as God has designed the women.

Many people believe that submission means to obey and deny their personal feelings.

The misconception of submission is often utilized to manipulate and control women. This false misconception encourages that women quietly obey and remain subservient to their husband.

A wife’s submission is consistent with her love and devotion towards The Lord. A perspective wife submits to The Lord because she has a grateful and humble heart, not because she is a slave.

Submission in a marriage involves the wife becoming a servant to her husband for which it appears that Michelle Obama has provided detrimental marriage advice. A godly wife is motivated to submit to her husband, not because of fear, self-interest, or self-protection, but because of love (1 Peter 3:6 ).

Submission is a deep commitment to a person. It is choosing to work with the husband in a way that promotes unity. A married couple becomes one flesh and must work as a team (Genesis 1:26 ). Constant conflict, competition, fighting, and arguing works against a couple remaining unified. This is consistent with the advice that Michelle Obama is providing to girls who are seeking an education.

According to the original design of marriage, God made the wife to be a team player. According to Genesis 3:16 God made the wife the ultimate team player.

Unto the woman he said, I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception; in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children; and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee (Genesis 3:16).

The scriptures reveal that no matter what the circumstance or situation, the desire of the woman shall be unto the husband. This is the same desire that a team player would have for the team. While we can applaud the efforts of Michelle Obama, she must ensure that girls who are seeking higher levels of education must also understand that their viewpoints on dominance of the opposite sex can become detrimental to any future marriage efforts.

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