What are the best online dating tips for men?

In a recent article, two Akron Ohio men suffered from the absence of online dating tips for men when they reported that a woman that they met through an online dating service had set them up to be robbed. Akron police investigators reported that the incidents were related and both men had been robbed within minutes of meeting the woman. Even though the Akron police have since arrested the woman, both men would have benefited from online dating tips for men.

For many, online dating increases the possibility of meeting the right person to marry. According to the Statistic Brain website, there are 54,250,000 single people for which the online dating process shortens the dating process from 42 months for non online encounters to 18.5 months for those who meet online. It is found that most men lie about age, height, and income. While most women lie about weight, physical build, and age.

Online dating provides men the opportunity to access more potential mates than they may find without online dating. There are approximately 41,250,000 people who are involved with the online dating process for which most are men. The percentage of men involved in online dating is 52.5 and for woman 47.6. By the age of 26 woman have more male pursuers than men. While by the age of 48 men have twice as many pursuers when compared to woman.

There are many scams associated with online dating. Once major scam is the request for money. Scammers will sign up to a dating site with false information or fake credentials. Scammers may spend a great amount of time gaining the trust of their potential victims. Once their victim is hooked or has fallen in love, the predator will suffer either from a traveling or medical emergency, or continually request either expensive items or large amounts of cash. Many scammers who request money will promise that they will pay the online dating victim with larger sums of money once they meet. After the money is received, they will disappear.

Men of God can use several introductory strategies to protect themselves from potential scammers and predators whose only purpose is to commit crimes against them. Once you have chosen your service and completed the initial application it is time to communicate with your potential mates.

  • The first online dating tip for men is to ask the question, “What are your Spiritual Gifts”. Spiritual Gifts are endowments given by the Holy Spirit. Spiritual Gifts are described in 1 Corinthians 12, Romans 12, and Ephesians 4, and 1 Peter 4. The Man of God must also know his Spiritual Gift. This is important because the Man of God will not know his purpose. Once he knows his Spiritual Gift, then he will know his purpose and the area that God has ordained for him to serve. Now that you know your purpose then you will be able to determine if the women that you are communicating with on the online dating service is the correct person to date or marry. Women were placed on this earth to help their husband. In many cases, woman are taught that it is the man who is here to help them. They may even go as far as to select how they are going to help their husband or set limitations on how they will help. According to Genesis 2:18, God made Adam a helpmeet.

And the Lord God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him (Genesis 2:18).

  • The next online dating tip for men is that you will need to know their spiritual goals. Spiritual goals are important because they will determine the moral compass of your future potential marriage.
  • Another online dating tip for men is to determine if they are good team players. Men are taught to be team players, however women are not afforded the same opportunities. While in school, boys normally participate in sports that require teamwork. Very seldom do girls have an opportunity to participate in team sports. Even though God has designed the woman to be a team player, because of the different opinions of society, lack of teamwork could present a challenge for your future marriage.

While this list of online dating tips for men is short, it is not inclusive and provides a basic foundation for Men of God to follow.

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